ALS Update

May. 29th, 2006 01:11 am

Thanks very much to [ profile] stars91 for an excellent beta of chapters Ten and Twelve. Thank you [ profile] omankoshojou for an excellent beta of Chapter Eleven, even when you don't watch the show. Thank you [ profile] burnt_isabel for your help with making sure I completely understood the concept of the dance terms used in Chapter Eleven (on that note, I'd like to point out that I took some poetic license with chassé to make it fit a little better, against Nina's advice, and to say that any mistakes are mine and not hers.) Thanks to all of you for listening to me bitch about this stupid fic constantly. To all of you, I am grateful beyond the capacity to express it.

I'm a little nervous because I wasn't able to get a loose, feel beta by someone who'd read the whole fic like Gia did last time (omgimissgia!), and because Chapter Eleven was done by someone who doesn't watch the show -- she did a really, really amazing job, don't get me wrong, but I have angst. Y'all know me. I'm sure it's fine, but I have angst.

These chapters are all hard R. I'm not kidding: violence, adult themes, some not pretty language. So if you squick, stay out of the kitchen. You've been warned.

If you don't know -- which I can't imagine, because I talk about this story constantly -- for previous chapters (and other information and cool stuff), visit the story's site at

With all that said:

ALS Update

Jan. 4th, 2006 02:26 am
So, one of us is a liar, and I suspect it's me. Anyway, after several more hours of work, I came to the bewildering conclusion that Chapter Nine of ALS is done in the done sense of the word, as in ready for public consumption done. I know, I, too, am shocked.

First, though, I want to apologize at great length for -- well, the great length of time between this update and my last one. But I want you to understand that I don't write linearly, and that in completing these last few chapters, I've written several hundred pages of text . . . so it's not like it took me all this time for this one chapter. Not that I couldn't have stepped it up, because I could have, but my point is: there's more, and it's all coming together pretty quickly, and as soon as I sew up ten -- it should take less than ten pages -- and get everything beta read, there are going to be more updates. And some of these chapters I am super excited about . . . I mean, to the point of giddiness. And anyone that knows me knows that I don't get giddy.

Secondly, I want to thank [ profile] gia6seconds and [ profile] chrisleeoctaves for beta reading this chapter. You guys were wonderful, and I really and truly mean it when I say that no one would be reading this if you hadn't donated your time and expertise to the project. A thousand thank you's.

Finally, thank all of you who have listened to my constant bitching about this project. I'm very, very sorry, but whining is -- apparently -- a natural part of my writing process, and I'm just fortunate enough that you guys put up with me and don't tell me to shut the fuck up . . . or, you know, toss me to the curb. I'm grateful that you stick with me even though I can be petulant and ornery and all sorts of other lame things. You're all wonderful, and I am so, so thankful for you.

I know this all came out like I'm accepting an Oscar, but I didn't mean it like that; they're just things that needed to be said.

Now, the really important thing:

ALS Update

Feb. 15th, 2004 01:18 am

I have finally finished the next three chapters of Auld Lang Syne.

I'm only, what, a year behind schedule? In any event, they are written and coded and put up on the site with brand new formatting and headers that make it look prettier and that I like a lot.


Chapter Six: All I Want for Christmas Is You
Chapter Seven: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep*
Chapter Eight: Reaper in a Bottle

For those of you who don't know, Auld Lang Syne is my three-year, never ending Buffy/Angel epic that I used to write with this lady. She's rated hard R (the story, not Felicity), and in addition to Buffy/Angel also contains Willow/Tara, Cordelia/Wesley, and mentions of Angel/Cordelia and Buffy/Xander. Spoilers through "Blind Date" and whatever the one before "Restless" was.

Reading and criticism and feedback are all so highly appreciated that I might just have your babies.


* Felicity wrote through the first part of Chapter Seven.

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