Briefly: I hope you all had lovely holidays. I have been completely absent because I, not even all the way recouped from my lung infection, have come down with the flu. Fa la la la la.

It was a sad year for fic; here is last year's list so you can compare. (Only 40 to 9; it's not that tragic . . .)

2008, in chronological order:

    Fundamental Forces (Tara/Angel, R)
    Unlikely (Fred/River, PG-13)
    Things That Are or Aren't (OFC Slayer/OFC Watcher, PG)
    Vessels (Cordelia/Darla, NC-17)
    The Way Things Work (Cordelia/Gunn, NC-17)
    The Sin Eater (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
    A Place Called Home (Angel/Spike, R)
    If You Drive Me Back (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
    A Brief History of Time (A Love Story) (Buffy/Angel, R)

Happy new year.

ETA: On a related note: An Equal Temper has been getting a lot of love the past few days; did someone recc me? I'd just like to thank people accordingly. :)

TITLE: A Brief History of Time (A Love Story)
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel
SPOILERS: Set in the “Birthday”-verse. Takes place somewhere around season five or six Buffy time.
SUMMARY: Now she realizes that, had they never met, she wouldn’t be. She’d be some other girl, some other Buffy.
PROMPT: Written for [ profile] chrisleeoctaves’s [ profile] iwry_ficathon. Thank you so much for having me, and for the oodles of work you put into this fab event every year.
NOTES: Endless thanks to my invaluable beta reader, [ profile] myhappyface.

TITLE: If You Drive Me Back
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel
SPOILERS: Post “NFA.” There are some aspects of the S8 comics—namely, location—but this story contains none of the comics’ original characters or plotlines.
SUMMARY: Maybe you can start over.
PROMPT: Written for [ profile] germaine_pet’s [ profile] lynnevitational. Thank you so much for having me, and thanks [ profile] chrisleeoctaves for recommending me. I'm very flattered. <3
NOTES: I am, as usual, insanely grateful and ridiculously lucky for the help of my beta, [ profile] myhappyface. And in this case, I owe her the title, too. Thank you.

I warned you. Thanks, as usual, to [ profile] myhappyface's wonderful beta. 'Othello' in 'Becoming II,' or How Xander is Iago )

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

TITLE: The Sin Eater
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel
SUMMARY: What’s that mean, “star-crossed?”
PROMPT/NOTES: To begin with: a million thanks to [ profile] myhappyface, my fabulous beta. Secondly: this was written for [ profile] midnight_birth for the [ profile] cya_ficathon. The request was for Buffy and Angel getting back together post-“NFA” in an exotic locale. However, as I’ve already written that (twice), I thought I’d try to do something new, to make it work out another way. I’m not sure it did. Work out. So I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted; if that’s the case, I hope you enjoy Return to Me or Release more.

TITLE: Things That Are or Aren’t
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: OFC (Watcher)/OFC (Slayer)
SUMMARY: Set in New York during the early 1820’s.
PROMPT: Written for [ profile] wisdomeagle for the [ profile] femslash_minis Slayer round. Requested was 18th-19th century United States, vamp-killing, romantic friendship, and an age difference.

In the interests of nostalgia and good, old-fashioned, immature fun, I bring you:

the BtVS/AtS Stamping Meme

The rules are simple. You fill out the questionnaire; people vote to tell you which BtVS/AtS character you are! This is greatly aided if you link your questionnaire to your flist; that way, your friends can vote on you, too!

The application:

Notes: There is a field for a picture, but since this post is open to the public, the picture DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OF YOU. That's why #12. Pick something that represents you, and post that.

On voting: when you vote, please make the character you decide on in the comment's subject line. Thank you!

Have fun!

TITLE: Fundamental Forces
AUTHOR: Lamia Archer
PAIRING: Tara/Angel
SUMMARY: Sometimes it’s not that opposites attract, but that like things repel.
SPOILERS: General knowledge required. Set during BtVS S4-5, AtS S1-2.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Written for [ profile] remember_nomore for the first and last annual btvs/ats kinkathon

Here's the girls from 2007, in case you missed something. In categories, in chronological order.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel

Becoming/Unbecoming (Gunn, PG-13)
Not Alone (Cordelia/Angel, PG)
Cowboy Up! (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)
Mirror, Mirror (Sticky Extended Fairytale Remix), (Cordelia, PG-13)
First Kiss Meme for lafemmedarla (Darla/Drusilla, PG)
First Kiss Meme for myhappyface (Fred/Angel, PG)
First Kiss Meme for cornerofmadness (Faith/Connor, PG)
First Kiss Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale) (Buffy/Angel, R)
Sometimes the Truth is Worse (Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Angel, PG-13)
A History (Darla/Dawn, R)
Almost Perfect (Buffy/Faith, R)
Five Places Buffy Summers Never Met Nina Ash (Buffy/Nina, Buffy/Angel, Nina/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for kita0610 (Connor/Spike, R)
Random Sex Meme for skywardprodigal (Cordelia/Wesley, PG)
Random Sex Meme for cornerofmadness (Darla/Angelus, NC-17)
Random Sex Meme for marenfic (Buffy/Cordelia/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Clean (Tara, Lindsey, PG-13)
The Morning After (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
Wish (Buffy, Faith, PG)
On Memory, and Transatlantic Phone Calls (Buffy/Angel, PG)
Hestia (Darla/Angelus, PG-13)
Things You Forget to Bequeath (Angel, Cordelia, PG)
Secret Santa (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)


How Booth Got Caroline to Help Bones (Booth, Caroline, PG)
Dog Barking at the Moon (Angela/Booth, PG)
Nocturne (Angela/Booth, PG-13)
Foul (Brennan, Booth, PG)


Body (Brooke/Sam, PG)
First Kiss Meme for neverneverfic (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Delilah (Brooke/Sam, R)
Random Sex Meme for carpesomediem (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Definition (Brooke, PG)

BtVS/Firefly Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for madcap_shiny (Faith/River, PG)

BtVS/Bones Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for kita0610 (Angel/Booth, PG-13)
Five First Kisses That May (Or May Not) Have Saved Angel's Life (Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Angel, Angel/Oz, Angel/Seeley Booth, PG-13)
An Equal Temper (Cordelia/Booth, Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)

The Closer

An After Christmas Story (Brenda/Fritz, PG)

My top three favorites this year:

1. Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale). I miss them so much, ragazzi. So much.
2. Delilah. My first ever full-length Popular fic, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
3. An Equal Temper. Oh, Cordelia. Real, snarky, sexy, bulletproof Cordelia. I miss you, too.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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