After my intense disappointment with "The Woman in the Garden" comes four really stellar episodes, two of which were new to me. Here we go.

'Bones' 1x14-1x17 )

What do you guys think about all this?

We are playing drabble-tag at [ profile] popedish. If everything goes smooth. Y'all are invited.

'Bones' 1x12-1x13 )

Ragazzi, your thoughts?

Happy birthday [ profile] sexycereal, even though you probably won't see this. Love you lots, S.

Also: 'Bones' 1x09-1x11 )

What does everyone else think?

According to my poll, my entire friends' list would fuck David Boreanaz. Second to Booth's hotliness is Angela, with 66.7% of my friends' list in bed; trailing her is Hodgins, with 55.6% of the vote. I, for one, am surprised that over half my friends' list finds Hodgins so foxy; I never would have imagined.

I'm having trouble connecting any other way, so I'm doing a recap/discussion post after only two eps: 1x07 & 1x08 )

Yay, the Christmas episode is next! Such love.

Oh. Also. My house is a Nielsen house now. I'd be mad with power, but it's reruns season and too late to cast my vote for Veronica Mars. Lame.

Thanks, you guys. You're wonderful and I love you. I wish I could say more than that, but right now I just . . . can't.

Happy birthday [ profile] chiara607!

Bones S1 was on sale for nineteen dollars at Target, so I picked one up. I have insomnia, and I'm not writing, so I had the time to watch the first six episodes.

I can't bring myself to use a 'bone' pun. Two words: played out. )

I'll probably do this for the rest of the season, unless I'm asked to stop.


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