Briefly: I hope you all had lovely holidays. I have been completely absent because I, not even all the way recouped from my lung infection, have come down with the flu. Fa la la la la.

It was a sad year for fic; here is last year's list so you can compare. (Only 40 to 9; it's not that tragic . . .)

2008, in chronological order:

    Fundamental Forces (Tara/Angel, R)
    Unlikely (Fred/River, PG-13)
    Things That Are or Aren't (OFC Slayer/OFC Watcher, PG)
    Vessels (Cordelia/Darla, NC-17)
    The Way Things Work (Cordelia/Gunn, NC-17)
    The Sin Eater (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
    A Place Called Home (Angel/Spike, R)
    If You Drive Me Back (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
    A Brief History of Time (A Love Story) (Buffy/Angel, R)

Happy new year.

ETA: On a related note: An Equal Temper has been getting a lot of love the past few days; did someone recc me? I'd just like to thank people accordingly. :)

Here are the entries for the first (and last) annual BtVS/AtS kinkathon. If you are a writer, please leave me a link to your story in the comments; if you are reader, please enjoy, and remember to feed your authors!

[ profile] southernbangel wrote for [ profile] carlyinrome [delayed]
[ profile] carlyinrome wrote Fundamental Forces (Tara/Angel, R) for [ profile] remember_nomore
[ profile] ladyoneill wrote Go With the Flow (Angel/Darla, NC-17) for [ profile] lafemmedarla
[ profile] lafemmedarla wrote for [ profile] ladyoneill [delayed]
[ profile] a2zmom wrote Stolen Moments (Buffy/Angel, NC-17) for [ profile] southernbangel
[ profile] remember_nomore wrote Bound (Buffy/Angel/Faith, NC-17) for [ profile] a2zmom

Thanks to everyone who participated, and have good sex!

Here's the girls from 2007, in case you missed something. In categories, in chronological order.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel

Becoming/Unbecoming (Gunn, PG-13)
Not Alone (Cordelia/Angel, PG)
Cowboy Up! (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)
Mirror, Mirror (Sticky Extended Fairytale Remix), (Cordelia, PG-13)
First Kiss Meme for lafemmedarla (Darla/Drusilla, PG)
First Kiss Meme for myhappyface (Fred/Angel, PG)
First Kiss Meme for cornerofmadness (Faith/Connor, PG)
First Kiss Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale) (Buffy/Angel, R)
Sometimes the Truth is Worse (Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Angel, PG-13)
A History (Darla/Dawn, R)
Almost Perfect (Buffy/Faith, R)
Five Places Buffy Summers Never Met Nina Ash (Buffy/Nina, Buffy/Angel, Nina/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for kita0610 (Connor/Spike, R)
Random Sex Meme for skywardprodigal (Cordelia/Wesley, PG)
Random Sex Meme for cornerofmadness (Darla/Angelus, NC-17)
Random Sex Meme for marenfic (Buffy/Cordelia/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Clean (Tara, Lindsey, PG-13)
The Morning After (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
Wish (Buffy, Faith, PG)
On Memory, and Transatlantic Phone Calls (Buffy/Angel, PG)
Hestia (Darla/Angelus, PG-13)
Things You Forget to Bequeath (Angel, Cordelia, PG)
Secret Santa (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)


How Booth Got Caroline to Help Bones (Booth, Caroline, PG)
Dog Barking at the Moon (Angela/Booth, PG)
Nocturne (Angela/Booth, PG-13)
Foul (Brennan, Booth, PG)


Body (Brooke/Sam, PG)
First Kiss Meme for neverneverfic (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Delilah (Brooke/Sam, R)
Random Sex Meme for carpesomediem (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Definition (Brooke, PG)

BtVS/Firefly Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for madcap_shiny (Faith/River, PG)

BtVS/Bones Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for kita0610 (Angel/Booth, PG-13)
Five First Kisses That May (Or May Not) Have Saved Angel's Life (Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Angel, Angel/Oz, Angel/Seeley Booth, PG-13)
An Equal Temper (Cordelia/Booth, Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)

The Closer

An After Christmas Story (Brenda/Fritz, PG)

My top three favorites this year:

1. Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale). I miss them so much, ragazzi. So much.
2. Delilah. My first ever full-length Popular fic, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
3. An Equal Temper. Oh, Cordelia. Real, snarky, sexy, bulletproof Cordelia. I miss you, too.

Happy New Year, everybody.

I'll take three more. No repeats, just to be fair.


Clean ) Tara/Lindsey, ambiguous for [ profile] remember_nomore

The Morning After ) Cordelia/Angel, post-"To Shanshu in LA" for [ profile] butterfllykiss

Wish ) Buffy/Faith, post-"NFA" for [ profile] globalfruitbat

On Memory, and Transatlantic Phone Calls ) Buffy/Angel, AtS S5 for [ profile] kita0610

Definition ) Brooke, ambiguous for [ profile] fox1013

Hestia ) Angelus/Darla, post-Drusilla for [ profile] cornerofmadness

Things You Forget to Bequeath ) Angel/Cordelia, post-"Hero," for [ profile] myhappyface


Connor/Spike ) for [ profile] kita0610

Cordy/Wes ) for [ profile] skywardprodigal

Brooke/Sam ) for [ profile] carpesomediem

Angelus/Darla ) for [ profile] cornerofmadness

Buffy/Cordelia/Angel ) for [ profile] marenfic

Buffy/Faith ) for [ profile] angel_negra

This was too big to fit in a comment, so I figured I'd just post it. (BTW; if you'd still like a first kiss story, comment and I'll set you up.

Faith/River (BtVS/Firefly) for [ profile] madcap_shiny:

Angel had taught her a lot about deals with the devil. Everything you do has a balance: you take something; you give something. The universe always takes back.

She ended up outliving him. She’d thought he would live forever, and not because of the vampire thing. Because he was Angel, and he was just . . . fuck, she didn’t know. A force, or a . . . a something bigger and more powerful than anything the Powers That Be should have been able to throw at him. Something that should be remembered.

Faith did remember. She remembered his kind eyes and that body that wouldn’t quit, and how hurt he could look if she said the wrong thing about B. She remembered every word he’d ever said to her, not just the pearls of wisdom, but the corny Angel jokes, too.

She wished, sometimes, that she didn’t. If she could have forgotten things, she wouldn’t have the memory of combing the remnants of a war zone in downtown LA to find nothing but ashes and a really nice sword.

She kept the sword, and she left the city. She left everyone.

But she kept remembering.

Fucking scythe. There’s always a fine print to all that magic bullshit, and the price exacted for her – dammit, it wasn’t even her fault! It’s was B’s idea, and fucking Willow had done the actual dirty work – was a one-way ticket all the way down the line. No stops for Faith. Just on and on until all she had of the things that mattered were memories.

She hadn’t seen Buffy in a couple hundred years, but she was sure B was still alive. Willow, too.

Once Faith had figured it out, though, that she was never gonna die, she’d never wanted to see either of them ever again. Like she needed more reminders of this undeath sentence.

She missed B sometimes. More, she missed Angel. She wouldn’t have thought that, back before the battle, but life is full of surprises.

Especially hers, what with all the time.

She stayed on Earth until the last boats were leaving, and then she moved constantly. No planet felt right; she felt constantly restless, conspicuous. She was glad when the war started, because it gave her a familiar place and something to do. There were always bad guys to fight, even if most of the vampires had dried up with the Earth; the Alliance was as good an enemy as any. Passed the time, at least, and good god, sometimes she just missed the righteous violence of the kill. She remembered what Angel had taught her, that humans were different, that taking a life had consequences, so there were times, now, years after the Browncoats fell, that she found herself awake in the middle of the night, her conscience too noisy to facilitate sleep.

So when the Reavers came, she was on the first ship out to the very edge.

She’d been culling the Reaver population for a couple years when the Pax video got out. She didn’t see it; she never used the Cortex, and she pretty much kept to herself. Spartan, or whatever.

She remembered that, too.

Faith’s first inkling that things had changed came a few weeks after the video was leaked; Alliance ships started coming out to the edge, making attempts to clean up the mess. A lot of bloodshed in those first weeks. Some civilian boats came out, too; bounty hunters and sightseers in a place they damn well shouldn’t have been, and a few freedom fighters wanting to take part in the good fight. Faith helped them out when they were in trouble right in front of her, and then she ignored them. Tourists. It’d all blow over soon.

She’d followed a Reaver raider down to Athens when she got the next surprise of her eternal life. The Reavers hadn’t gotten a chance to make merry with the townsfolk before Faith started taking them out—she had a gun, but honestly, she preferred the old-fashioned, hands-on approach. She was so absorbed in the task at hand that she missed the vigilante until a Reaver trying to get the drop on her dropped himself, felled by a precision-thrown axe. Faith looked up and saw a girl, thin as a winter wind and wild-eyed, take on two Reapers at once with the lethal grace of a Slayer. Faith was stunned; there hadn’t been Slayers in years. No one but her and B.

An elbow to the back of the head pulled Faith from her reverie, and she threw herself back into the fray. In moments, the ground was littered with dead Reavers; two sets of hands made light work.

“Who the hell are you?” Faith demanded. The girl was dripping with sweat and borrowed blood; a small scythe was clutched in her right hand.


“Are you—”

“I’m not like you.”

“Could have fooled me,” Faith said. “You do this kind of thing often?”

The girl let her right arm fall, so that the scythe swung by her thigh like a small handbag.

“Lately, I do.”

Faith studied the girl for a long moment. She was so tiny, baby bird tiny, and she looked a little like Dawnie, except for those spooked eyes.

“You remind me of someone I used to know,” Faith said. As the words hit the air, they shocked her; she hadn’t really meant to say that.

“I know,” the girl said. She took some delicate steps over the pile of bodies, until she and Faith were breaths apart. “I was looking for you. We’re supposed to meet.”

Faith was, after the recent influx of strange events, not really surprised by this. “Oh yeah?”


Then the girl stood up on her tiptoes and pressed her baby smooth lips to Faith’s. Faith didn’t resist, although she couldn’t remember the last time someone else had initiated sexual contact. It wasn’t that she was hard up; she was just used to being on top.

The girl was warm and tasted ever so slightly of apples. She was human, and she’d die.

But that was okay. Faith would remember her.

[ profile] remix_redux stories go unanonymous today. Here's mine.

TITLE: Mirror, Mirror (Sticky Extended Fairytale Remix)
SPOILERS: Through “You’re Welcome”
SUMMARY: The answer was obvious. She didn’t need a prince or even a magic mirror to tell her.
ORIGINAL STORY: Changing Perspective by [ profile] sunnyd_lite
NOTES: Thank you so much [ profile] hermionesviolin for a wonderful beta.

I have owed Karla this story for a looooong time. Karla and I are both super busy with school right now, so I haven't talked to her hardly at all lately, and apparently I am showing my PANGS for her through fanfiction, because I finally finished her damn fic. I hope you LUB it, sweetie!

TITLE: Cowboy Up!
AUTHOR: Lamia Archer
RATING: NC-17. I know, I’m shocked, too.
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel
SUMMARY: Turnabout is fair play.
SPOILERS: Ambiguous future after Angel shanshus; a sequel to Hot Sex.
DEDICATION: For Karla-with-a-K. She makes me do these things, against my better judgment.
NOTES: SEXY STUF – spelled just like that, I swear! – is a real store about an hour from where I live; a few of my girlfriends and I stopped in there on the way to The Smoky Mountain Deer Farm & Exotic Petting Zoo – shut up, we’re adults; it’s awesome! Don’t knock it ’til you’ve been! – and it is just as hilarious as you would imagine a porn peddler who wouldn’t deem fit to put two f’s in “stuff” would be. Look, they even have a web page!

Niu, sweetie, I'm so sorry this is late! I had jury duty, and also I'm dumb, but it's here now, and I really hope you like it.

TITLE: Becoming/Unbecoming
AUTHOR: Lamia Archer
PAIRING: Gunn/Lindsey. Kind of.
SUMMARY: Gunn and Lindsey get a little too close, without getting very close at all.
SPOILERS: Through “Time Bomb,” and you need a lot along the way.
PROMPT: Requested was wood splinters, tattoos and spirits (alcoholic or the other kind), with not a lot of cowboy stuff. (I got everything in but the wood splinters. I'm sorry!)
DEDICATION: Written for [ profile] niuserre for the seventh round of [ profile] maleslashminis.

Yay, I'm back! For, like, ten minutes. My brother's still living downstairs, giving me zero time to write. Which means the rest of the holiday fic will be in 2007; I suck, but not totally my fault this time. So sorry.

However, to tide you over, the 2006 year-in-review. These are all the stories posted last year, in chronological order:

ALS Chapter Nine: The Management of Grief (Buffy/Angel, R)
Head and Heart (Faith/Dana, PG)
Funeral (Cordelia/Tara, PG)
Forgiveness (Faith/Zoë, PG)
Multi-Fandom Drabble Fest
Release (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
She Says (Inara, Inara/Mal, PG)
Prince of Darkness, My Ass (Angelus/William, PG-13)
Phone Sex (Cordelia/Angel, NC-17)
Flukes (Zoë/River, PG)
ALS Chapter 10: Demon in Me (Buffy/Angel, R)
ALS Chapter 11: Dancing Lessons (Buffy/Angel, R)
ALS Chapter 12: Gargoyles (Buffy/Angel, R)
Hot Sex (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)
The Rules 1: The Lesson (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
The Rules 2: The List (Buffy/Angel, R)
The Rules 3: Soap (Buffy/Angel, R)
Karla's Super Happy Birthday Fic (Buffy/Angel, G)
Gods and Monsters (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)
Tantra (Buffy/Angel, R)
Lot's Wife (Angel/Spike, PG-13)
Sugar Spun (Buffy/Cordelia, PG-13)
Snow Angels (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)

Hope you find something you haven't read before, and that I can finish these holiday fic sometime before you guys stop caring about them. Heart you big.


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