Here's the girls from 2007, in case you missed something. In categories, in chronological order.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel

Becoming/Unbecoming (Gunn, PG-13)
Not Alone (Cordelia/Angel, PG)
Cowboy Up! (Buffy/Angel, NC-17)
Mirror, Mirror (Sticky Extended Fairytale Remix), (Cordelia, PG-13)
First Kiss Meme for lafemmedarla (Darla/Drusilla, PG)
First Kiss Meme for myhappyface (Fred/Angel, PG)
First Kiss Meme for cornerofmadness (Faith/Connor, PG)
First Kiss Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale) (Buffy/Angel, R)
Sometimes the Truth is Worse (Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Angel, PG-13)
A History (Darla/Dawn, R)
Almost Perfect (Buffy/Faith, R)
Five Places Buffy Summers Never Met Nina Ash (Buffy/Nina, Buffy/Angel, Nina/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for kita0610 (Connor/Spike, R)
Random Sex Meme for skywardprodigal (Cordelia/Wesley, PG)
Random Sex Meme for cornerofmadness (Darla/Angelus, NC-17)
Random Sex Meme for marenfic (Buffy/Cordelia/Angel, R)
Random Sex Meme for fivexfive (Buffy/Faith, PG-13)
Clean (Tara, Lindsey, PG-13)
The Morning After (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
Wish (Buffy, Faith, PG)
On Memory, and Transatlantic Phone Calls (Buffy/Angel, PG)
Hestia (Darla/Angelus, PG-13)
Things You Forget to Bequeath (Angel, Cordelia, PG)
Secret Santa (Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)


How Booth Got Caroline to Help Bones (Booth, Caroline, PG)
Dog Barking at the Moon (Angela/Booth, PG)
Nocturne (Angela/Booth, PG-13)
Foul (Brennan, Booth, PG)


Body (Brooke/Sam, PG)
First Kiss Meme for neverneverfic (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Delilah (Brooke/Sam, R)
Random Sex Meme for carpesomediem (Brooke/Sam, PG)
Definition (Brooke, PG)

BtVS/Firefly Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for madcap_shiny (Faith/River, PG)

BtVS/Bones Crossovers

First Kiss Meme for kita0610 (Angel/Booth, PG-13)
Five First Kisses That May (Or May Not) Have Saved Angel's Life (Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Angel, Angel/Oz, Angel/Seeley Booth, PG-13)
An Equal Temper (Cordelia/Booth, Cordelia/Angel, PG-13)

The Closer

An After Christmas Story (Brenda/Fritz, PG)

My top three favorites this year:

1. Red, Red, Red (A Sorta Fairytale). I miss them so much, ragazzi. So much.
2. Delilah. My first ever full-length Popular fic, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
3. An Equal Temper. Oh, Cordelia. Real, snarky, sexy, bulletproof Cordelia. I miss you, too.

Happy New Year, everybody.

I'll take three more. No repeats, just to be fair.


Clean ) Tara/Lindsey, ambiguous for [ profile] remember_nomore

The Morning After ) Cordelia/Angel, post-"To Shanshu in LA" for [ profile] butterfllykiss

Wish ) Buffy/Faith, post-"NFA" for [ profile] globalfruitbat

On Memory, and Transatlantic Phone Calls ) Buffy/Angel, AtS S5 for [ profile] kita0610

Definition ) Brooke, ambiguous for [ profile] fox1013

Hestia ) Angelus/Darla, post-Drusilla for [ profile] cornerofmadness

Things You Forget to Bequeath ) Angel/Cordelia, post-"Hero," for [ profile] myhappyface


Connor/Spike ) for [ profile] kita0610

Cordy/Wes ) for [ profile] skywardprodigal

Brooke/Sam ) for [ profile] carpesomediem

Angelus/Darla ) for [ profile] cornerofmadness

Buffy/Cordelia/Angel ) for [ profile] marenfic

Buffy/Faith ) for [ profile] angel_negra

I'm not entirely sure what happened. I've never written a full-length Popular fic before, and I wrote this all this afternoon, while Oz was sleeping. Spooky. Hope it doesn't suck; x-posted like whoa.

TITLE: Delilah
AUTHOR: Lamia Archer
FANDOM: Popular
PAIRING: Brooke/Sam
SUMMARY: How canst thou say, I love thee, when thine heart is not with me?
SPOILERS: All of season one.

Delilah )

Comment with two characters I write know, and I'll tell you about their first kiss.

So far:

Angel/Seeley Booth for [ profile] kita0610
Brooke/Sam for [ profile] neverneverfic
Darla/Drusilla for [ profile] lafemmedarla
Fred/Angel for [ profile] myhappyface
Faith/Connor for [ profile] cornerofmadness
Faith/River for [ profile] madcap_shiny
Buffy/Faith for [ profile] fake_smile

Tamara Mello (Lily on Popular) was on one of my favorite shows, Psych, for like four minutes. I have 30 512x384 PNG caps of her appearance. They're not the best caps ever -- the *.avi resolution isn't the greatest -- but I think they'll clean up nicely, and Tamara looks really pretty, so . . .

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