My favorite summer series is Psych, which has hardly any fandom and not a ton of viewers, but is totally, totally awesome. And is starting its second season this Friday at ten, and marathoning season one starting Thursday. So.

The Why You Should Watch 'Psych' (Dude, Sweet!) Picspam )

Feel free to leave your Why People Should Watch "Psych" / Why I Love "Psych" comments to this post. I'm making this post public, so feel free to invite your friends. Viva la "Psych!"

According to my poll, my entire friends' list would fuck David Boreanaz. Second to Booth's hotliness is Angela, with 66.7% of my friends' list in bed; trailing her is Hodgins, with 55.6% of the vote. I, for one, am surprised that over half my friends' list finds Hodgins so foxy; I never would have imagined.

I'm having trouble connecting any other way, so I'm doing a recap/discussion post after only two eps: 1x07 & 1x08 )

Yay, the Christmas episode is next! Such love.

Oh. Also. My house is a Nielsen house now. I'd be mad with power, but it's reruns season and too late to cast my vote for Veronica Mars. Lame.

Tamara Mello (Lily on Popular) was on one of my favorite shows, Psych, for like four minutes. I have 30 512x384 PNG caps of her appearance. They're not the best caps ever -- the *.avi resolution isn't the greatest -- but I think they'll clean up nicely, and Tamara looks really pretty, so . . .

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