My favorite summer series is Psych, which has hardly any fandom and not a ton of viewers, but is totally, totally awesome. And is starting its second season this Friday at ten, and marathoning season one starting Thursday. So.

The Why You Should Watch 'Psych' (Dude, Sweet!) Picspam )

Feel free to leave your Why People Should Watch "Psych" / Why I Love "Psych" comments to this post. I'm making this post public, so feel free to invite your friends. Viva la "Psych!"

[ profile] escritoireazul requested Angela, a museum, and sweetness: Dog Barking at the Moon )

I have finished my Bones rewatch. So. 'Bones' 1x20-1x22 )

And, now, an end-of-season poll:

[Poll #1005736]

Thanks everyone for playing, and for reading my rantings. As always, I want to hear your thoughts!

After my intense disappointment with "The Woman in the Garden" comes four really stellar episodes, two of which were new to me. Here we go.

'Bones' 1x14-1x17 )

What do you guys think about all this?

Happy birthday [ profile] sexycereal, even though you probably won't see this. Love you lots, S.

Also: 'Bones' 1x09-1x11 )

What does everyone else think?

Thanks, you guys. You're wonderful and I love you. I wish I could say more than that, but right now I just . . . can't.

Happy birthday [ profile] chiara607!

Bones S1 was on sale for nineteen dollars at Target, so I picked one up. I have insomnia, and I'm not writing, so I had the time to watch the first six episodes.

I can't bring myself to use a 'bone' pun. Two words: played out. )

I'll probably do this for the rest of the season, unless I'm asked to stop.


Tamara Mello (Lily on Popular) was on one of my favorite shows, Psych, for like four minutes. I have 30 512x384 PNG caps of her appearance. They're not the best caps ever -- the *.avi resolution isn't the greatest -- but I think they'll clean up nicely, and Tamara looks really pretty, so . . .

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